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Sales & Invoicing (Tire Shop Point of Sale)

Customer Invoicing for your Tire Shop

The Used Tire Shop (UTS) system includes a full featured Customer Invoicing (Tire Shop Point of Sale) module for your used tire shop. Easily generate and print sales invoices online while directly accessing your used tire inventory. With UTS invoicing you have complete control of tire inventory, tire sales and customer invoicing. Best of all its available on all versions of the Used Tire Shop application.

More features than you can shake a lug wrench at ... (and still easy to use)

  • Create Estimates, Work Orders and Invoices
  • Save Detailed Customer and Vehicle Information
  • Quick Sale - 1 Click Feature
  • Manage Used and New Tire Inventory
  • Sell any Type of Product or Service
  • Tire Inventory Syncd to Completed Sale
  • Track Customer Purchase History
  • Include Labor Items and Services
  • Create an Automotive Product Catalog
  • Manage Vendors and Brands
  • Track inventory and reorder levels
  • Print custom inventory labels
  • Display Tires and Products on your website
  • Sell and Manage Tire Road Hazard Policies
  • Configure Sales Tax, Labor Rates and Shop Fees
  • Personalize your invoice with your logo and Shop information
  • Define and display return and warranty policies
  • Create customized discounts and promotions
  • Email formatted Invoice copies to customers
  • Accept Payments on Account
  • Manage Account Receivables
  • Create Customer Billing Statements
  • Manage Customer Returns
  • Daily Drawer to Balance and Record end of Day Sales
  • Sales Performance Dashboard and Reports

Your Tire Inventory is Automatically Updated

Never worry about your tire inventory not being properly updated again. Every time you complete an invoice, your tire inventory is automatically updated and marked as sold. Even if you use an external POS system we provide a simple feature that allows you to scan the tire and mark it as sold in 1 click.

An End-to-End Tire Shop Solution

The UTS application is designed to track every tire from the time it enters your door to the time it’s installed on your customer’s vehicle. With complete inventory control and sales invoicing and Tire Shop Point of Sale, the UTS application manages your Used Tire Shop with ease. Used Tire Shop Software is a must for any Used Tire Shop big or small.

Used and New Tire Road Hazard Policy Management

Increase revenue for your shop by offering your customers tire road hazard policies on the tires you sell. The Used Tire Shop Program includes a configurable Road Hazard policy creator integrated directly with our invoicing module. Create and print road hazard certificates and track policy history all from the Used Tire Shop Application.
Not sure how to offer a Tire Road Hazard Policy?
That's ok, contact us and we will show you how to create and sell profitable and economical road hazard policies to your customers.