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Tire Shop Sales & Invoicing

Invoicing and Ticket Work Flow with the UTS System

Estimates, Work Orders and Invoices make up the 3 types of tickets in UTS Invoicing,  with each representing a different stage of a sale. Below is a look at each type of ticket.


An Estimate is the first stage of a sale. It can be created to save pricing, customer and order information and may be printed to provide your customer with a written quote. An Estimate can also be used as a way to schedule an upcoming customer job in the system. 

Work Orders

When a customer arrives at your shop for services it's time to create a Work Order or convert an existing Estimate. The Work Order indicates a job in progress and when printed serves as a guide for your Technician displaying the services to be performed, inventory information and vehicle's fitment specifications.


When the Job or Sale is complete, the Work Order becomes an invoice marking the sale complete and updating your inventory. An Invoice can  easily be printed as a sales receipt for your customer. Along with the purchase information , it contains any warranty and return policies you configured for your shop.
Its important to note that Estimates and Work Orders are not required steps. A ticket can begin as an Invoice.