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Tire Inventory Mobile Apps

Tire Inventory Mobile Apps

Quickly Add, Find, Scan and Sell
Used Tire Inventory

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Go Mobile with Used Tire Shop

Used Tire Shop also provides a mobile version of our tire inventory control tools. It's designed to work in combination with our online shop version providing you with the greatest flexibility for managing your tire inventory. It's a great add-on tool that allows you and your employees to perform necessary inventory functions when you are not near a computer.

Mobile Tire Inventory Features

  • Add Tires To Inventory
  • Find Tire Inventory by Size, Location, ID or Vehicle Fitment
  • View Shop Performance Dashboard
  • Take multiple photos of tires
  • Extensive Built-In library to select Tire Brands and Models
  • Get Details of any Tire in Inventory
  • Perform Actual Inventory Verification by Location
  • Scan Tire Bar Codes and build inventory reports
  • Works in combination with our Online Version
  • Available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

Our Latest Release

We've added even more functionality with our latest mobile app release.
  • Find Tires with detailed search options and filters
  • Sell tires fast using our Quick Sale feature.
  • Add tire Brands and Models from your mobile device
  • Place tires On-Hold for Customers. Include contact information and pickup date.
  • Easily reassign and move tires to new inventory storage locations.
  • Scan inventory bar codes for Quick Sale, Tire Hold and Move Tire features.

Sample Screen Shots (From our latest Version 3.0) on Android

Mobile FAQs

Q: Does the mobile application have all the same inventory features as the online version?
No, our mobile version is a "lite" version that offers just a small sample of our online shop inventory tools. It is designed to perform some common functions such as adding basic tire information,taking pictures, tire searches and inventory verification.
Q: Am I required to take images of my tires?
No. Images are not required when adding tires to inventory. However we do suggest adding Images if your inventory is going to appear to the public. They are helpful for consumers and can help increase sales.
Q: Is there a cost for the mobile app?
No, Our mobile app is completely free.
Q: Does the mobile app work with your free shop version?
Yes, It works with all of our versions. Even the free Starter version.
Q: Do I need a Shop Account to use the Mobile App?
Yes, A shop account is required. You can request a demo here.
Q: Can I restrict which employees access the mobile app?
Yes, you can grant or deny access to the mobile app for any employee directly from your online administration.
Q: What type of mobile devices does your app support?
Our app currently is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8.

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