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Want to Sell More Tires? Get your Used Tire Inventory Online.

Chances are your tire shop has an inventory of 100’s to 1000’s of used tires available for purchase, but what are you do doing to promote your inventory? For many tire shops the answer is “not much”.

The Search for Tires Begins Online

Over 96% of shoppers will begin their search for a product online. That’s really no surprise when you consider how connected and technology aware today’s consumers are compared to as recent as 5 years ago. Everyone is rarely without their smart phone, mobile device or computer. Everything from banking, to online purchasing is a natural part of our daily life. When it comes to buying tires and other automotive services, the process also stars online. So then, what are you doing to promote your tire inventory and attract online consumers?

Is your website nothing more than an online business card?

Most tire shop owners would probably agree that having an online presence for their used tire shop is essential. In the past, just having a simple website offered some competitive advantage. However, today’s consumers demand much more than just an “About Us” page and a few flashy graphics. Tire Shoppers expect your website to be interactive with multiple search functionality and actual tire inventory information.
According to a Google study, 73% of Tire purchasers will visit multiple websites prior to making their purchase.

It’s in the Numbers

According to a Google study, 73% of Tire purchasers will visit multiple websites prior to making their purchase. This means that if your website isn’t providing enough valuable information for the consumer, they are likely to continue their search to one of your competitors. Worse yet, if your tire shop doesn’t even have a website, your business isn’t even considered in their research.

Turning Your Used Tires Into Marketing Tools

The used tires you have on rack or in your warehouse are doing nothing for you until the right customer calls or visits your store. Why not change that approach so that those tires are actually marketing your tire shop? By getting your used tire inventory online, these tires will begin to sell themselves.
Why not change the approach so that your Used Tires are actually marketing your Tire Shop?
How does it work? First of all, having your tire inventory online is not only exposed to potential shoppers but also to major search engines such as Google or Bing. This helps to improve what’s called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website. As this increases, your site will continue to be found by an increased number customers searching for tires online, eventually turning your 9-5 tire store into a 24/7 marketing machine.

Where Do I Start?

To better understand the tools available for you to promote your tire shop and tire inventory online contact Used Tire Shop. We can show you just how easy it is manage and promote your used tire inventory, gain online visibility and, increase sales. Start promoting your tire shop today!
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