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Understanding the Essentials of Tire Inventory Control

This article takes a look at the basics of tire inventory control and some of the benefits to how it can help your tire business.

Proper Cataloging

Tire inventory control begins with cataloging a tire and entering it into an inventory system. It’s a simple process that can be performed rather quickly, but it’s important to follow some good practices along the way.

First, don’t skimp on the details.  Some tire shops new to the concept of tire inventory control, often fail to capture key details that can have a huge benefit down the road.  In addition to the tire size, it’s essential to capture the tire brand, model, tread depth and other characteristics of the tire. A good tire inventory program will provide a way capture all the information you need about a tire in a quick, simple and organized manner.

Although it’s not mandatory, consider including actual images of your tire especially if you are planning to display your tire inventory online. This can easily be accomplished with little effort through the inventory tools.

One last field to capture is the actual location of where the tire will be stored. The inventory control system should provide you with the ability to select  configured storages locations indicating where there available capacity to store the tire. Knowing the rack and row of where the tire is located will save you several minutes of labor locating the tire when it becomes time to find and sell it.
"If you have to call the customer back, chances are they are already calling your competitor."

Quick Identification

Now that we have all the tire information saved it’s time to label the tire for easy identification.  This is an important and often overlooked step of inventory control. The software should print a large enough label to display the tire inventory ID and other essential information that can be read at a distance. This label serves several purposes including the ability to know if the tire has already been entered into inventory control and where it should be located in storage in case it gets removed. Labels will also include bar codes that can be used for inventory validation and quick scanning at checkout.

Effective Search Tools

Here’s where tire inventory control really begins to payoff.  Having the ability for your anyone in your shop to respond to customer tire inquiries in seconds compared to minutes can mean the difference between making a sale or losing it to another tire shop. Keep in mind; if you have to call the customer back chances are they are already calling your competitor.

A professional tire inventory system will include search tools to quickly and easily perform simple to complex searches and deliver results in seconds, regardless of how many tires you stock.

"A good set of  Search Tools is where Tire Inventory Control really starts to pay off."

 You should be able to search by any combination of critical tire information such as tire size, brand, model, price, location and vehicle fitment. A good set of easy to use search tools will ensure everyone in your shop has the ability to respond to customer inquiries and provide consistent answers about available inventory and price. The search results will also indicate the exact location of the tire in storage.

Making Sales

The last phase of inventory control is the ability to sell the tire out of the system, mark it as sold and update the inventory levels. The inventory software will typically perform this task as part of the customer invoicing process. This guarantees the information is accurately updated with no additional work required on behalf of the user. Even if your shop uses a separate POS system, the tire inventory control software will provide a quick and easy way to mark inventory as sold.


Tire Inventory control doesn’t need to be complicated. Following a few good practices and implementing the correct inventory software can help your shop increase sales and reduce labor costs. Moving from a manual system or no system at can actually be an easy process and deliver some immediate benefits.

A comprehensive inventory solution will address the essentials listed above and also provide you with much more. It can help you to grow your business with tools to capture additional sales, enhance visibility and assist you in making better decisions about your tire inventory.

For more information on how tire inventory control can improve your business, contact Used Tire Shop today.

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