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Tire Label Utility

We understand that a Tire Inventory Control system isn’t effective without the ability to accurately identify your tires. That’s why we created the UTS Tire Label Print Utility. It’s designed to print professionally formatted tire labels with accurate and detailed tire information. No more writing the tire size by crayon. *** Required Hardware Sold Separately.

Benefits of Our Tire Labels

  • Easily identify tire details and Inventory ID, even at a distance
  • Eliminate the need to pull the tire to read the Brand or Model
  • Know that the tire exists in the Inventory database.
  • Print consistently formatted labels with a bar code.
  • Detailed fields to capture specific tire information
  • Creates a more professional and organized appearance
  • Know if the tire belongs to a pair or set
  • Easy to understand tire information for employees or customers

Printing Our Tire Labels is Easy!

Just enter a tire record in system and the Used Tire Shop program will ask if you want to print a label. Select the quantity and print. It’s that easy!

Multiple Tire Label Formats

With our tire labeling tools you can select and print multiple types of label formats that include:
  • Tire Inventory Label
  • Product Inventory Label
  • Wheel Inventory Label
  • Damaged Tire Label
  • Customer Hold Label
  • Rack Identification Label
All with specific information needed to effectively manage your product and tire inventory.


Our latest Inventory Label Utility supports the ability to customize labels. Easily select the information you would like to appear on Product, Wheel and Tire Inventory labels.

Bar Code Support

Our tire labels also print with a bar code that can be used for invoing and other inventory control functions. The bar code also works in conjunction with our mobile apps, allowing you to perform actual inventory scans and verify the tire is in the correct location.

Less Time – Better Information

In less than the time it takes you to write a tire size by crayon you can print detailed tire labels. Each tire label includes your Shop Name, Tire Size, Brand, Model, Price, Tread Depth, Location, Sidewall, Style, Inventory ID and Bar code.
*** Label printing and scanning hardware and labels sold separately. To utlize our Labeling feature, a purchase of a printer and/or labels from Used Tire Shop may be required to due to compatibility requirements.

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