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Used Tire Shop Software Features

We designed the Used Tire Shop Software to be flexible to the needs of your tire business.

Only need tire inventory control? No Problem! Need a complete solution? We have you covered!

Here are just a sample of features that make Used Tire Shop Software unique.
Tire Inventory Management
At the core of the Used Tire Shop System is our comprehensive yet easy to use tire inventory system. It’s designed to keep you informed of exactly what tires you have in stock and where they are located in your shop. Track details about each tire including Brand, Model, Tread Depth, Price, Quantity, Images and other tire specific information. Easily add tires to inventory and have them appear immediately on your website, providing your customers with up to the minute tire inventory. Simple to Advanced Tire Inventory Management.
Wheel Inventory Management
Manage wheel inventory for used and new rims and wheels. Capture wheel specific details for both OEM and aftermarket wheels. With our Advanced Wheel Search Tools you can easily find any wheel inventory by a range of options and filters including by vehicle fitment. Your wheel inventory can be private or displayed on your website allowing customers to directly search your inventory with a customized search tool.
Customer Invoicing (Point of Sale)
The Used Tire Shop (UTS) system includes a full featured Customer Invoicing and Point of Sale module for your tire shop. Easily generate and print Sales Invoices, Work Orders and Estimates online while directly accessing your used tire inventory.
Learn More About Customer Invoicing
Tire Label Print Utility
Identifying your tires is an essential part of inventory control and that's why we developed our Tire Label Print Utility. It's designed to accurately print detailed tire labels in a professional format. No need to write tire sizes by crayon because our labels provide all the information you need in a fraction of the time. Simply enter your tire into inventory and print a label. Learn more about our tire label tools.
Mobile Inventory and Sales Tools
Used Tire Shop also provides a mobile version of our tire inventory control tools. It works in combination with our online shop providing you with the greatest flexibility for managing your tire inventory. It's a great add-on tool that allows you and your employees to perform necessary inventory functions when you are not near a computer. Learn More about our Mobile Tools
Vehicle Tire & Wheel Fitment
Your customers don’t always know what tires they need. That’s why our tire software includes detailed tire and wheel fitment lookup tools for over 200,000 vehicle makes, models and styles. Easily locate your tire and wheel inventory based on customer vehicle fitment and quickly provide customers with multiple size options for their vehicle. Get tire inflation, torque, TPMS and other important tire and wheel specifications.
Tire Price Quote Tools
Everyone in your shop can easily and accurately quote tire prices to customers using our Tire Price Quote tool. One click of the mouse can provide your customer with Out-The-Door price that can include additional services, options and quantities.
A Complete Online Used Tire Store
Every Used Tire Shop account includes a complete Online Tire Store. It has everything you need to manage your shop’s tire inventory and display it online. Used Tire shop can work independently or combined with an existing website. Because Used Tire Shop works from any web browser, there is no software to install or manage. Used Tire Shop is simple to use, effective for your business and totally affordable. We are so confident in Used Tire Shop, we even offer a Free version to get you started.
Tire Matching System
Our exclusive tire matching system will help you quickly identify and match tires to generate pairs and sets. When you add a tire, the Used Tire Shop application alerts you to similar tires and possible matches based on several different parameters. This system helps to increase the value of your inventory and add to your Shop’s bottom line.
eBay Listing Tools
Maximize your selling opportunities with our custom eBay Listing tools. Directly integrated with eBay, our system allows you to create and manage eBay listings for your tire inventory, complete with pictures in a fraction of the time it takes to do listings manually. Easily revise, cancel and track Ebay listings all from your Used Tire Shop account.
Pricing and Purchasing Tools
Used Tire Shop comes complete with a suite of tools designed to help shop owners increase the profitability of their business. Our tools eliminate the guesswork of how to price your tires or know which tires you should purchase for inventory. Easily Identify overstocks and in-demand tires for singles, pairs and sets based on the sales history for every size tire.
Inventory Rating (IR)
Also included as part of our decision making tool suite is the Used Tire Shop Inventory Rating (IR) indicator. This tool helps you to easily identity fast and slow moving tire inventory in order to establish its optimal selling price. The IR can also be used to determine which tire sizes to sell locally or list on sites like eBay. Compare your shop’s inventory rating to other tire shops across the country with our National Inventory Rating indicator.
Business to Business(B2) Selling
Our Business to Business (B2B) feature helps tire dealers find or sell excess and difficult to find inventory across the country. That odd sized or overstocked tire you have may be exactly what another tire dealer has been desperately trying to find to build a complete set. Our system allows you decide which tires you want to make accessible to the National B2B selling network.

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